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#1 13-Jan-08 3:23.47 PM

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Chat Room

Our new and improved chat!

The new Skye Room offers many advantages over our current chatbox, including automatic scroll capabilities, longer chat history, increased security, and near-absolute imperviosity to spam attacks. This new chat will not crash or lag as the old one did, and will help benefit by reducing accidental spam and off-topic posts.

Skye Room allows you to buy message space on the room board! For more details, visit our topic in Westfield.

To request access to the chat, post here or send a private message to us. You will be messaged the password. The password is not to be shared on public parts of the site, due to privacy and sustainability concerns.

We hope you will enjoy our new chat!



13-Jan-08 3:23.47 PM


#2 13-Jan-09 3:07.49 AM

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Re: Chat Room

Yes. Yes i am pretty sure i will enjoy this chat.




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